Phillip Island

Escape to Phillip Island for a day or two or even three!   The Island is incredible! Wild beaches, close encounters at the Penguin Parade, eco-adventures and magnificent natural beauty.  It is a treasure chest of things to do and see for everyone.  All this is an easy drive, only 2 hours, from Melbourne.  Explore Phillip Island in your car, SUV or people mover from Kangaroo Rentals.

Maru Koala And Animal Park

A Fascinating Stop Along Your Way

At the Maru Koala and Animal Park you can get up close and personal with some of Australia’s native animals.  You can enjoy this family-run park where there is so much to see and do.

Here you can meet koalas, wombats, crocodiles (don’t get too close), kangaroos, Australian Birds, wallabies, dingos, even a Tasmanian Devil and more!  There are animal experiences to be had feeding the kangaroos, first-hand experiences with dingos, koalas, snakes and lizards. For the not so brave there is wildlife show, koala, dingo, Tasmanian Devil and reptile information sessions and a sheep shearing demonstration.  It’s a big day already.

If all that isn’t enough for you, Pirate Pete’s Mini Golf is your escape to a different world.  There are pirates watching you while you play 18 holes of mini-golf.  You can walk through landscapes from the bush to the beach.  While you’re there keep a close lookout for Captain Jack Sparrow.  Have fun me hearties!  Don’t walk the plank!

This is almost a day trip on its own.

Maru Koala Animal Park is located at 1650 Bass Highway, Grantville. 


San Remo

– Feed the Pelicans

The first glimpse that you see of Phillip Island is the magnificent bridge spanning across to the island from the mainland, exciting!

Before you cross the bridge take time to stop at San Remo.  At this stop spot, you will find “children’s beach”, it’s a great spot for the kids to swim (weather permitting), explore the coastline, have a run in the park and play on the seaside themed playground.  If you aim to be there around 12:00pm you can watch the pelican feeding on the foreshore next to San Remo Pier.  You can get up really close to the action.  A daily ritual for the locals and the pelicans!

This is the perfect place for fish and chips on the beach.  Sit back, relax, enjoy the view and relish the delicious, super fresh fish and chips from the Fisherman’s Co-Op.


The Pinnacle Lookout on Woolamai Beach

Experience the wildness of Bass Strait!  For the keen surfer, it’s one of the best surfing spots in the country.  Take time to catch a set before you leave.

If walking is more your thing you can follow one of the four coastal walking loops at Cape Woolamai.  Stop at the viewing platforms and be in awe of the magnificent views of the Pinnacles.  The beauty of the ancient pink granite cliff face will leave you enchanted.

Dusk is a magical time to be here too.  As the sun sets you can watch the mutton-birds, short-tailed shearwaters, returning to their nests after a day’s fishing.  This is seasonal, so if you want to catch this spectacular sight plan your trip between late September and mid-April.

Cape Woolamai is stunning!  This is Phillip Island’s highest point and was recently declared a National Surfing Reserve to mark the rich surfing history and the almost untouched natural environment. 

Koala Conservation Centre

Close up and personal with an Aussie icon

The Koala Conservation Centre gives you the opportunity to get really close to a cuddly koala.  This centre is well known for the essential work it does in ensuring that the koala population is conserved and can continue to grow its population.  

If you are lucky enough you might see the koala joeys leaving their mother’s pouch for the first time and making an appearance on their first adventure.

Here you will have some fabulous photo moments, so be ready.  Your friends and family at home will love to see you with Australia’s cute koalas.

The Koala Conservation Centre is only a short drive from Rhyll, about 7minutes.


Town beside the sea.

Cowes is Phillip Island’s centre for shopping and business.  Sitting right by the water it is a buzzing holiday destination over the summer and a chilled laid back village at other times.

Cowes has much to offer.  You can relax beside the seaside and enjoy picnics, water sports and beach adventures with the kids, chill out at one of the luxurious day spas, sample the craft beers at one of the designer breweries, wander through the art galleries or shop for creative art at one of the artisan shops on the main street.

For the history buffs, you can spend time at the Phillip Island Historical Society Museum where you can learn more about the maritime history, the local Aboriginal culture and the life of the early settlers.

If you have romantic or more adventurous ideas hire a boat cruise into the bay and sail into the sunset.  Sharing all this with your favourite people.  For a different boating experience travel on the passenger ferry to Westernport Bay on the Mornington Peninsula or discover French Island.  The choice is yours.

Cowes is the perfect home base to stay while you are on the Island.  Close to the many local attractions, the shopping hub and the great cafes and restaurants.

The Chocolate Factory

Better than Willy Wonka

Learn everything you need to know about chocolate, from cocoa bean to the finished product.  There are interactive displays and a chocolate trail to follow with free samples along the way.

You can design and make your own chocolate; it will be delivered to you via a conveyer belt and ready to eat when it gets to you.  Yum!

After your tour sit and relax with a hot chocolate and more delicious treats to eat. 

A sweet destination for kids and grown-ups.

Phillip Island Wildlife Coast Cruises

A Wild Adventure

There are a number of Wildlife Cruises leaving from the Esplanade in Cowes.  You can take the seal watching cruise, a twilight cruise along the coastline of Phillip Island,  past the shoreline of the historic French Island and across to the Port of Hastings.  You can relax and enjoy the nibbles and refreshments available.

If a longer sea voyage is what you are looking for there is a four-hour market cruise that takes you to Stony Points Market.  Here you can browse or buy the plants, and artworks on show while sipping on your tea or coffee.

You decide, will it be the wildlife or the market?  Either way, a lovely day is waiting for you.

Churchill Island

Heritage Farm

About 10 minutes in from the Phillip Island Bridge you will see the signpost for Churchill Island, a small island off Phillip Island.  Victoria’s very first farm was established here in the 1850s.  You will find a variety of farm animals here, including cattle, sheep, horse, geese and goats.  There are even some of the original cottages and a majestic restored homestead.

Each day there are a number of farming activities that you can watch, milking a cow, whip cracking, working dog display and sheep shearing.  Did you know that the record for shearing sheep is 600 sheep in a day? That’s amazing!

There is also a peaceful coastal walk, about 5km, that takes you around the island.  It’s about 2 hours.  A second walk takes about 45 minutes, this is the North Loop.  As you enjoy the scenery you might encounter free-roaming wallabies, bison, sheep and cattle.  A beautiful way to spend a holiday afternoon.

Churchill Heritage Farm is open between 10:00am and 5:00pm and there is a small entrance fee.

EcoBoat Adventure Tour

Around we go!

Hold onto your hat!  This is a fabulous ride around the Island and a great way to see it.   After about 30minutes you arrive at Seal rock where you can almost touch the fur seals.  This is one of Australia’s largest seal colonies and is well worth the ride.  Watching the seals play with each other or just lounging and sunbathing on the rocks, while some swim in the water to put on a show is a heart-warming experience.  So many seals in one place, fabulous to see. 

There are usually 2 departures per day at 3:00pm and 5:00pm from Cowes Jetty, but check before you arrive as sometimes the departure spot changes due to weather and tides.  The whole trip takes about 90minutes.  There is a Phillip Island 5 Park Pass that you can purchase before you arrive or at the Visitors centre.  This trip is included.

Don’t miss this it’s a real adventure!

Tides of Rhyll Café just a side note here.  If your EcoBoat Tour leaves from Rhyll Jetty, Tides of Rhyll is a great place to have lunch.  There’s a variety of food to choose from, but the fish and chips is always a favourite.  Tides is open from 12:00pm to 8:00pm (closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

A Maze’n Things

Perfect for the family.

If you love the mystery of magic, optical illusions, mazes and puzzles head to A Maz’n Things, a short drive from Cowes.  Step into Puzzle Island where you will laugh, think about and shake your head in disbelief at what you see.  Knock on the door of Magic Manor and be astounded by the magic displays, the mind-blowing illusions, the mysterious caves and more.  Watch out for the flying chandelier! 

Try your luck to escape the very tricky Maze. Don’t take the wrong turn.  After your A’ Mazing escape, try a round of Maxi Mini Golf.  It’s a challenge. 

If an adrenaline rush is what you are after try the SkyTrail high ropes course.  You will be completely safe in your harness, but the fun and daring you need to take it on will make you feel like a superhero!

A’Maz’n Things is open 7 days a week from 10:00am and at weekends from 11:00am for the SkyTrail.

Be baffled and be brave.  A great adventure for you and the family.

Vietnam Veterans Museum

A Tribute to Our Soldiers

A visit to this museum is well worth your time, not only does it help support the return veterans of the Vietnam War it is a moving tribute to them.

There’s a huge collection of war memorabilia including helicopters, vehicles and aircraft.  The information here is easy to read and tells the remarkable story of this war.   Take a few minutes to watch the moving light and sound shows as you stroll through the galleries.   If you are lucky enough or call in advance, you might be able to have a guided tour with one of our heroic veterans.

Thank you to all our serving and returned servicemen and women.

Nobbies Centre


Phillip Island is a treasure chest of natural beauty.  The Nobbies Centre gives you the opportunity to take in the magnificent views of the coast.  A stroll along the boardwalk to the awesome Blowhole is truly spectacular.  In this astonishing sea cave, you will experience the power and majesty of the ocean as the swells crash against the shoreline.

During Spring and early Summer, you can see the new Silver Gull chicks in their nests.  Very cute!

There is plenty of signage along the way that gives you a wealth of information about the local area.

Phillip Island Circuit

For the Speed Demons

The Moto GP and the World Superbikes have been hosted here, a highlight of the many events held on Phillip Island.

You can have a guided tour of the circuit that includes access to the control tower, the media centre and pit roof.  For those wanting a more high-energy adrenaline rush, you can be driven around the circuit by an experienced race driver. 

Hold on and enjoy the ride!

Penguin Parade

The moment you have been waiting for!

At the end of your day or one of your days on the Island, a visit to the stars of the show is an absolute must!  These magical little penguins, known as Fairy Penguins will melt your heart as they slide ashore after a day of fishing.  As they waddle up the beach to their burrows you will be fascinated. It is said that the penguins follow the same route back home every night.  Amazing!

The penguins check in each night around sunset but try to get there about an hour before as it can get very busy. You can view the penguins from the tiered seating or from the boardwalk. 

You can also choose the Penguin Plus, the Underground or the Ultimate Penguin Tour experience if you want a closer and possibly less crowded time with the penguins.

There are signs everywhere asking that no flash photography happens. Very important to know.

At the Visitors Centre, there is an interactive and educational display that you can enjoy before or after the little penguins arrive.

This is one of the most popular and amazing attractions on Phillip Island and an experience you will never forget.

Phillip Island is naturally amazing! 

So much to do and see and only 2 hours from Melbourne. 

Hop into your Kangaroo Rentals car, SUV or people mover and head down the highway. 

Take your time; enjoy all that Phillip Island has to offer. 

It’s where you want to be.

Nobbies Antarctic Centre

Last stop before the Penguins

At the western end of Phillip Island and 5 minutes from the Penguin Parade, you will discover the Nobbies Antarctic Centre.  Here you can take to time learn more about the Antarctic through the hands-on learning exhibits.

As you venture in to chill check out your thermal image.  How do you compare to the Emperor Penguin?  Sit on the icefloe (the floor) and marvel as incredible Antarctic creatures dive and swim at your feet.  Totally awesome!

There is a great boardwalk nearby when you head out of the centre, so if you have the time it’s a scenic walk and will take you down to the water’s edge.

Opening hours are from 10:00am to 2 hours before sunset so you will need to check depending on Daylight Saving.